Eco village at Sundarbans

We went on a two day trip to Sunderbans with Backpackers Tour de Sunderbans in early August. Checked into the cottages at their eco village. The eco village is built on the second largest island Satjelia. The journey to the island was an adventure in itself. We travelled in a Tempo Traveller for 3 hours reaching the last road point Godkhali. From there on a short 20 min ride on an open local ferry to the island of Gosaba, the largest island.

Boat ride

This was followed by a bone rattling ride in a suspensionless contraptionthat the locals call a rickshaw. After having every bone and joint shaken, we got into the ferry boat ELMAR, which took about 5 minutes to transport us to the eco village.



The Eco village is beautifully conceived, giving the entire place an earthy look.

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