On the road through my lens


A road trip promises a lot of unexpected and strange surprises too. My husband and I did a 2500 km road trip from the North of India to the South. We took in a few touristy places but the sights along the highway or bang in the middle of the highways caught us by surprise.

“There comes . . . a longing never to travel again except on foot.” – Wendell Berry

Some of these pictures stand testimony to this quote.

Cows on their way back home after grazing in the fields (shot from the speeding car, hence the blur)
buffaloes crossing_edited.jpg
Buffaloes along with their owner lazily crossing the highway
cows on the road_edited.jpg
Can you believe this cow was ambling on the busy streets in Agra?


cycle on car_edited.jpg
Cyclist on his way to a cycling  expedition

Highways are dotted with Dhabas that provide yummy, spicy and hygienic food to the travellers.


One also finds such mobile food stalls especially near factory gates or busy juctions.

food vendor2_edited.jpg

The Road Taken

Nothin’ But A Good Time


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