The silver serving train

At the Jai Vilas Palace in Gwalior, a major attraction is The ‘Silver Serving Train’ which served  wine and cigars to the royal guests on the dining table.


Can you make out the name of the Royal family on the train? SCINDIA.

The train is made of silver and battery operated.



The carriages are Crystal decanters holding liqueur and wine. IMG_1991_edited.jpg

There is a long track laid out on the table for the train to ride on. It would stop in front of the guests seated who could help themselves to anything of their choice.

IMG_20161020_122614_edited.jpgThe train is enclosed in a glass cabinet and there is a barricade to prevent public from getting close to it. Photography was a tad difficult for a novice like me. 🙂


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A Moment in Time

The Happy Wanderer


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