Traveling like Royalty

I have always been fascinated by history and love taking trips to places that showcase the culture, history and traditions of olden days. I recently visited the erstwhile princely state of Gwalior, now a city in the state of Madhya Pradesh in central India. The main attractions were the Fort and the Jai Vilas Palace, now converted into a museum.



An entire wing in the Palace showcased the various modes of travel used by the members of the Royal Family.

The buggy made of silver and drawn by 12 horses used for ceremonial occasions. The detailing as regards to the suspension and other mechanisms to ensure a smooth ride for the occupants dating to the early 1900s was astounding.



The palanquin used by the women of the Royal family to move around. The seats inside are cushioned to ensure sitting comfort. The cane weaving on the outside ensured fresh air as well as privacy for the occupants, while they could see from the inside.



Travelling on an elephant? A beautiful Howdah for the use of the Maharaja…



The ceremonial palanquin for the Maharaja for those important days.



Another Howdah for travelling on an elephant…



If the Maharaja can travel on an elephant, why not the Maharani? Presenting the beautiful Howdah with lovely sheer curtains for Her Royal Highness…



A Silver Chariot/ palanquin for the Maharani…



Going for a hunt in the jungle seated on an elephant? You need the right kind of Howdah for it.



From horse driven to horse powered. The vintage BMW Isetta, which I was told by the local guide is maintained in excellent running condition and on display. The door is in front and the steering wheel moves out with the door. Capable of seating two passengers in the front seat, it was available in two variants, a three wheeled one or a four wheeled one.



Wish you were royalty???

 The Happy Wanderer

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The Happy Wanderer


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