The majesticity of the mountains and valleys

mountains valleys nixon.jpg

If I look back, I realise that my life has never been a smooth ride. At times it felt like being on top of the mountain peaks while at times it went barreling down into the valleys. (I am not claiming I am singular in that.) I am thankful that these valleys remained valleys and never turned into bottomless canyons.

I vividly remember the day I found the lump in my breast. I could only pray that it did not turn out to be malignant. Unfortunately, it was cancerous. I was plunging right into the valley at breakneck speed.

Fortunately, I had caught it at the right time. It had not spread its tentacles to any other part. I could undergo a surgery, follow it up with treatment and then start my hike towards the peaks again. And that I did and have once again, by the Grace of God, reached the summits.

The point here is not remaining in the lows, but getting out and reaching for the top once again. And when you are in the valleys and see the mountains high up in front of you, as Edmund Hillary said, ‘it is not the mountains that we conquer but ourselves’.

I am really glad that I am a fighter and do not give up. Isn’t that reason enough to toot my horn?


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

― George Bernard Shaw

Mountaintops and Valleys

Toot Your Horn

These Horns Were Made for Tooting


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