Troop of monkeys troop in

I saw the prompt for the day for #developingyoureye #photography and was thinking about human emotions and feelings. I decided to combine it with my post for the Daily Prompt ‘expert’ and get going….

Don’t animals get the same feeling of bliss? While eating, feeding, caring for their little ones… Of course they do. And it so happened I was hanging clothes out to dry in my backyard and I suddenly found a troop of monkeys on the boundary walls trying to feed on berries, guavas, leaves. I dropped everything that I was doing and rushed to the balcony on the first floor with my camera to shoot them (no bloodbath there!!!). I am no expert at photography and that too animal photography but did try my best.

All the action was happening in the houses on the left and right of the house behind mine.

The agility and expertise with which they walked on the walls with their babies, balanced on thin branches was a sight to see. Unfortunately I could not keep clicking at that speed.

Hmmmmm…. learning photography is certainly on my bucket list.



I am the Lord of all I survey.


Baby piggybacking on mommy

A baby money was piggybacking on its mommy or should I say monkeybacking???


Mommy trying to catch the baby as it was slipping off the wall
On the balance beam???



Walking in uninvited

The neighbour’s gate was open and the monkeys walked in to gorge on onions and potatoes. Note the baby’s arms as it holds on its mommy.

To jump or not to jump, that is the question
Gorging on the onions



#bliss #developingyoureyes #photography #monkeys #expert #dailyprompt



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