Saptapadis… Revisited

Day 7 of the BarAThon. Theme of the day- Promise


N V saptapadi1.jpg

Twenty nine years ago, when I took those Saptapadis (the 7 steps in a Hindu Marriage) with my husband, we made promises to each other. The time has come to revisit them.

With age catching up, I now promise to cook and serve food that is low in cholesterol, glycaemic index, starch, carbohydrates and rich in fibre, the key word in my promise being cook. I understand he is not a goat and not very fond of raw vegetables. I assure I will continue not to serve him oats porridge because he is not a horse, and bread because he is human not canine.

By keeping my first promise, I assure and promise him a healthy life free of ailments. I also promise not to give him mental stress and agony by not behaving like a fishmonger’s wife. Oh, that promise is easy to keep because he is not a fishmonger.

I promise to love you forever and not because someone challenged me for a 7 day Love your spouse our happiness (my happiness is dependent on that) and please you by decking myself up and look beautiful. (Visits to Salons on the card, yayyyyyy).  The list can go on and on.

Jokes apart… Is that how I am looking at the vows? Not at all.

The Saptapadis focus on the key terms love, togetherness, mutual respect, companionship forever. These are universal to any religion Hinduism, Christianity or Islam. It’s only the language or words that change. Any marriage that understands and builds on these pillars will last until eternity.


When you are young, companionship and togetherness, mutual respect are not at the top of the list. Physical compatibility and attraction, love, comforts etc head the list.  Ego takes the place of mutual respect. But the entire order shuffles with time.

So what has changed for me today? Nothing at all. It is just my perception and understanding that have undergone some changes. I now make additional promises in my Saptapadi vows, to my daughter and myself.

And today after 29 years, I promise that I shall continue to be his companion, navigator, sounding board and a friend; to listen, suggest, counsel and correct when required; to laugh and cry with him, to love him and his foibles until eternity.

I promise our daughter, the blessings of the Saptapadis that I shall forever carry on being the friend that she can talk to, the mother who will love her and support her, advise and guide when needed.

And to myself, I promise to take good care of myself so that I can go through with the promises to my family.

This song for me epitomizes the very core of a marriage, companionship and togetherness through ups and downs.


Its been a wonderful experience jogging along in the BarAthon these 7 days..barathon



4 thoughts on “Saptapadis… Revisited

  1. Beat About The Book

    Any time is a good time to remind yourself of the promises you made. I think it’s a good idea to make your own vows instead of repeating what’s been handed down for years. A bit of change is good for everyone, right?


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