Stepping into mummy’s shoes

When I felt my little one’s first soft kick in my tummy, I was awed. The kicks started getting more vigorous and swift. Though hard at times, it was like a little conversation between us.

When I first held my angel in my arms, I marveled at her perfect tiny features, hands, fingers, feet, toes… I was hooked to the sweet smile. It was love at first sight. She knew how to twist us round her tiny little finger. I was worried that I might hurt her by mistake. When she was playing, she kicked with her little feet and we felt blessed. When I bought her first pair of teeny tiny shoes, she was still an infant in the cot who couldn’t even turn over on her own. Then why the shoes, you might wonder?

JLT- Just like that. I saw those pretty pink and white sandals with the My Little Kitty face on them and I simply had to buy them. She outgrew them very quickly. Then she started growing and her shoe sizes started increasing gradually.

And then one day she decided to wear my shoes and walk around the house. My heart was in my mouth. Oh my God, she’s going to fall. ‘Be careful ..why do you want to wear my shoes? They are too big for you. You will hurt yourself’ I asked and she replied, ‘look at me. I am wearing your shoes, amma. Just like you’.

24 years on, she is now a mother. She now wears mummy shoes.

When she shared videos of her little one kicking in her tummy, I relived my pregnancy.

When I bought small booties for her baby, she was fascinated. When her MIL bought him a pair of tiny blue shoes when he was 2 months old, she laughed and said, ‘shoes for him? Where is he planning to go?’

And a day will come soon when he will wear his dad’s shoes and say ‘look at me. I am a big boy like daddy.’ And she will with her heart in her mouth say, ‘Be careful… why do you want to wear your dad’s shoes? They are too big for you. You will fall and hurt yourself’.

arjun shoes2

The wheel has now come a full circle…

Jogging along in my mommy shoes with memories for company on Day 5 of BlogAThon…

Theme for the day is Tiny Shoes.



15 thoughts on “Stepping into mummy’s shoes

  1. G.v.jayalakshmi

    U tuk me back to my gud old memories…u wd also agree with the little woman wearing the mommy’s saree. ..the luvely sight all of us wd have enjoyed and still cherish…cute little ones…grow up to b our moms n b mental strength


  2. Uma..I used to spend hours in fron tof the mirror trying out my moms saree. Wondering what fascination I had for it then..And now I hardly wear them… So my girls end up playing with my dupatta 🙂


  3. Awwwweee Uma! You took me back to the time when my daughter’s were tiny tots…..slippers, dupattas,handbags…. everything they wanted! You have a way with words n thoughts too! Keep writing…..


  4. Life comes a full circle, indeed. Just yesterday I was going through my son’s infancy to one year journal, reminiscing the journey. He’s six now and I’m already marvelling at how much he has grown since then. I must learn to cherish these days more.


    1. Very true Uma. Time flies and all you are left with are beautiful memories. Make as many as you can and treasure them. My girl is now a mommy but my husband still uses all the words that used as a kid. Have fun


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