Hips don’t lie…

We think of the morrow

Fail to live in the here and now…

Do you hear me sigh?

As I am walking by

Hear me moan

As I spy the cone

It’s not so cool

When I drool

My heart, very hard it tries

Not to quicken, when I spot the fries

The pizza slice calls out to me

And the devil in me is set free.

What of the calories says my inner voice?

The horned one drowns it with enough noise.

What you don’t know is bliss

You know not what you miss.

Oh no no no

Of course I know…

They will pass through my lips

And settle on my hips

Loud and clear I can hear

Shakira crooning in my ear

Hips don’t lie

Hips don’t lie…

lovely shades of atlantic 3.JPG
Live to appreciate the beauty around you here and now

Here and Now


11 thoughts on “Hips don’t lie…

  1. Bharath Kumar P A

    Nice one Uma…..if you are using GPS to locate your feet just because you can’t see over your pot belly then you know ur calories have gone for a toss….yeah hips don’t lie…hips don’t lie


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