Planes that crashed

And they walked out alive from plane crashes… Yes they did and it does sound stranger than fiction.

Rewind to the year 1953…

My great uncle who then lived in Bombay was flying from Madras in a Dakota aircraft. The flight was to reach Nagpur past midnight and after a few hours of layover, he had to change flights to go on to Bombay. It was called the Night Mail service. It was a service where flights from Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai and Bombay would reach Nagpur and swap passengers and then take off for the respective destinations.

Unfortunately the flight crashed at Nagpur and he was one of the 4 survivors. Strangely, he got up from his seat and picked up his hand baggage from the overhead compartment before walking out of the debris ( I would never have thought of my luggage, saving my skin would have been my priority).

Fast forward to 1983…

My aunt and uncle were on their way to the US to perform the consecration of a temple in Houston. The flight carrying them crashed in Mumbai and there were very few survivors. The couple along with a few others walked out of the debris on to the highway nearby, hitched a ride with a car passing by and reached their nephew’s home. The nephew who had gone to see them off heard of the crash and feared the worst. To top it the airlines could not find them among the survivors. When they walked into his house he was shocked to see them. They then called the airlines to check in that they were indeed alive.

Having lost all their luggage, they stayed in Mumbai for a couple of days, were compensated by the airline and then proceeded to the US unfazed albeit a few days late.

And they lived on to live a very long and happy life, my aunt still around spreading joy and cheer.



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