The man they call the miracle healer

After a pleasant, quiet stay at Chail, we were driving back home. In the middle of nowhere, we found scores of vehicles of all sizes and shapes parked on both sides of the narrow road. There was a small building with a board outside that said ‘Vaid Ram Kishen’. Just that and nothing else.

Parking our car to the side, we asked a bystander what was happening. He told us that they had all come to meet the vaidji. A lady who saw our curiosity came up and explained that Vaid Ram Kishen gave medicines to cure all types of cancer. She herself was getting treated for cancer of the tongue.

The Vaid or the miracle healer treats only on Sundays. People travel from far off places to see him. You need to take a token number to wait for your turn on either the small porch outside or wait in your vehicles. He treats only cancer and does not charge any money for the treatment. Any payment is voluntary on the part of the patient.

The treatment comprises of an oral medication and an application of some medicine to the tongue (this was what she was receiving for her cancer). The application of the medicine to the tongue would be done only when it was sunny. She called it natural radiotherapy. On a rainy day, the trip would be incomplete. She had been coming to him for almost 18 months, once every three weeks and claimed that her sore had almost disappeared. She works in a large hospital as a supervisor and has opted not to get treated there. We wished the lady the very best and started on our drive home.

Call me sceptical, but I personally wouldn’t consider something like this to be my primary and sole method of treatment. Especially with a dreaded disease like cancer.

If people are thronging this 3rd generation healer for treatment in such large numbers, there must be something there. If it works for them, may the healer perform more and more such miracles!

Note: I am not passing any kind of judgment on the beliefs and views of people nor am I promoting anything here, it is just an account of what we saw and heard. My opinion on treatment methodology is mine, just mine…


2 thoughts on “The man they call the miracle healer

  1. S.P.Krishnamurthy

    I just loved both your pieces in WordPress. You have the talent in you.Expect more and more. With Srinivas by the side, you should not hesitate to go in a bigway. i admire his language skill and its usage and you are no less.Keep it up.God Bless you


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