Celebrating my Life… Part 2

This post is not the story of my journey but of that of a young girl – a former student of mine. This is a tribute to her bravery in battling and winning! To showcase my respect for her better half (well in this case truly the better half) that had to be expressed yet cannot be expressed in words!

My first post on my journey with cancer brought about a plethora of likes and replies. A few of them were under the misconception that this post pertains to the current period and were so worried for my health. Of course they are not to be blamed. Which sane individual writes about something that happened 7 years ago and posts it on a day dedicated to the same disease?

Well, I have been thinking of sharing this for a long time, but sadly I turned out to be the Mistress of Procrastination! J

The reason for starting this series of blogs is not to blow my own trumpet or to receive pats on my back from people known and unknown to me for the courage with which I faced the stupid disease. It is primarily to give a wakeup call to all those reading this.

I received a number of messages showing their appreciation and love but the one message which turned out to be a long chat was the one that left me shaken to the core. Here I was trying to showcase my courage at age 45 and being a narcissist (though unintentionally) and at around the witching hour pops up a chat message on messenger which brought tears to my eyes.

An ex-student of mine who was, is and always will remain very dear to me… a very beautiful girl… a talented singer… The courage that this girl showed is remarkable. She has been married for just 4 years now and blessed with motherhood a year ago.

One year into her blissful married life, she walks in for a medical check-up only to find her world turned upside down. She was diagnosed with cancer of the left ovary. With the support of her two sets of parents and her doting husband, she underwent a surgery to get the affected ovary removed. She underwent chemotherapy which resulted in her becoming bald for some time. She fought valiantly and has bounced back.

For a 23 year old girl who had just embarked on a beautiful journey with a handsome prince, it must have been traumatic.

She told me that the chemo sessions were very difficult for the two of them but ‘…he was my strength throughout. When I was low he gave me strength and positivity. He took it as if nothing happened to me. And I came out bravely and started looking forward to a long life. Now it’s all gone and never gonna come back… WE fought it!!’  (Note the WE).

This is a tribute to her wonderful in laws who have stood by her through those trying times. They have given a new meaning to the relationship that is a result of the marriage of two individuals.

I salute her husband who has been her pillar of strength. It must have been very tough for him to see a beautiful new wife suddenly go bald one day, suffer through her pains and yet keep smiling throughout. It goes to show beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. He has understood and lived the vows of the saptapathi that he had repeated after the purohit at the time of their marriage. Take a bow, beta!!! I am proud of you. I look forward to the day when I can meet you in person and give you the tightest hug possible. I thank God for having brought you into my girl’s life (as her teacher, am I not a mother figure?).

They have now been blessed with parenthood and I wish them both a very happy future. A fitting response to the cancer which tried to rob them of this blessing..

During the chat she said ‘I stayed positive all the time. I knew I would get out of it and at that time I remembered you… your smiling face’. I am happy I have been able to spread a few smiles, some cheer and positivity!

On a lighter vein, I cannot disclose their names and taking a cue from Harry Potter stories, do I call them She who must not be named and He who must not be named? It doesn’t matter what they are called, what is important here is the lesson from their lovely relationship.

If you are reading this post my dears, I would like you to know that I have learnt a lot from the two of you on marriage, love, companionship and mutual respect. You are an example for veterans of marriage to emulate. I salute the two of you. My love, blessings and prayers are always with you!!! Cheers!!!


7 thoughts on “Celebrating my Life… Part 2

  1. This definitely has a lot of similarities to my case. 23 years of age, left ovary, supportive husband, motherhood after recovery. Respect to her husband. We girls are indeed lucky to have them as a strong pillar of support. May Almighty bless everyone with supportive partners and help them sail through tough patches with mutual strength.


  2. courageous couple. they’re such an inspiration! but kudos to you for recognizing their brave outlook and what it had provided you in your life. you are also brave for sharing your life with everybody even if it had transpired a long time ago. who knows one or two will be needing your story to be able to go on?


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